Make a lasting impression with our stunning wax seals. You can purchase  ready made designs or you can choose to have a custom made monogram design. 

You can choose from different sizes: The most popular sizes for wedding invitations are our 25 mm and 32 mm options, but you can choose 19 mm or 38 mm as well.

You can choose from different shapes: you can choose round, oval, square.

You can choose from different edges*: you can choose modern, organic or vintage edge. *only for self-adhesive wax seals.

You can choose from different colors: We have 36 sealing wax colors inspired by current trends in the wedding and stationery industry. Also if you want you can even create completely custom sealing-wax colors. 

You can chose the style: Do you want a wax seal stamp or self-adhesive wax seals.

For the pricing and more informations please contact me.

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