Order From Collections

Order from collection

Step one

If you like one of my collections design please drop me an email or fill out the form (you can find the form on the side of your chosen collection). When you filling out the quantity please remember some of your guests will be in couples, so if you have 80 guests, you may only require a set of 50. 

Once i receive your order request i will get back to you within 24 hours 

(maybe i’ll need some more informations).

Step two

Once i have all the informations, i will redesign your stationery and email you the PDF proof. It is very important that you read and check the proof accurately. If you want add some more design (flowers, shapes etc. ) in that case it’s better if you chose our bespoke service. If you don’t want to chose our bespoke service than  any further extra design will incur a charge of 20€ per design.

Step three

After i received your signed digital proof (PDF) printing will begin and the wedding invites will be sent to you soon. Your finished wedding set will be carefully packaged and delivered to an address you provide.


We can print your invitation with your guest names.
Be sure that you send us the correct addresses and names. If you want to personalise your invitations please please contact us, so we can send you the excel sheet to fill out with your guests names.

Fees for guest personalisation – €0.50/invitation

Please drop us an email if you have any questions.

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