I believe that there are few days in peoples life that would be as important as they wedding. There are days in our life that we’ll remember forever. Special memories which flavor will remain with us forever. I believe the wedding day will be memorable and truly special if every tiny detail vibrates with love, kindness and attention. I can help you with the ideas and execution that on the big day every little detail will be on the right place.I think it’s important that all these small details should represent the personality of the bride and the groom and the ambience of the event. In my work, I like to be inspired from the wildness of plants and the freedom of nature. I avoid template solution. I don’t like to much eclecticism. I believe in marriage and in love that lasts forever.

Do you have strong ideas about what you need? Drop me a mail to hello@leuskadesign.com and I’ll help you on the operative part. Still looking for inspiration? Reach out and we create your perfect day together.