About me

It’s nice to meet you!
My name is Lea. and I’m a graphic designer. 
In 2018 I decided to design wedding stationery. I really loved it. I still love it. My style changed a lot. I realized that I love to work with couples who are themselves on their wedding day and during the planning period, they know that the wedding won’t be something traditional. It’s gonna be all about them.
Last year (2019) I got a few requests for logos, posters, flyer designs and I realized that I like that part as well. So now I’m here. Designing Logos, corporate identities, posters, flyers. and wedding stationery.
I believe in unicorns. I believe that after the rain there is a rainbow. I believe that after storm there is a calm. I believe that after night there is a new day. I believe that after the end there is a new beginning.
Also I think it’s good if you know that I love unicorns, magic, pizza, Netflix, Stranger Things, Rami Malek, Mr. Robot and Netherlands. But the most I love my Wife and our cat – Lola.

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