About me


It’s nice to meet you!

My name is Lea. and I’m a graphic designer. In 2018 I decided to design wedding stationery. I really loved it. I still love it. My style changed a lot.

Last year (2019) I got a few requests for logos, posters, flyer designs and I realized that I like that part as well. So here I am designing Logos, Corporate Identities, Posters, Flyers and Wedding Stationery.

I believe in unicorns. I believe that after the rain there is a rainbow. I believe that after storm there is a calm. I believe that after night there is a new day. I believe that after the end there is a new beginning.

Also, I think it’s good if you know that I love unicorns, magic, pizza, Netflix, Stranger Things, Rami Malek, Mr. Robot and Netherlands. But the most I love my Wife and our cat – Lola.



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